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Correlational subject: Public goods in nation

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NATION: ECONOMY Current economic condition of the nation Socio-economic regime in the nation Public goods in nation
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Growth in social security expenditures (in % GNP) Adults, general public, 7 first world nations, around 1980 Social expenditure 18+ aged, general public, 27 EU member states, 2003 Size of the state 15+ aged, general public, 15 Industrialized Democracies, 2005-2009. Size of government 15+ aged, general public, Multiple nations, 2006 Welfare regimes 50-75 aged, general public, 12 European nations, 2006-2007 Decommodification 18+ aged, general public, OECD member states, Multiple nations, 1981 - 2009