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Correlational subject: Ever moved or not

Classification path:
MIGRATION: MOVING WITHIN COUNTRY (residential mobility) Moving career Earlier residential mobility Ever moved or not
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List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Migrant status Secondary school pupils, Taiwan, 2005 Migration 18+ aged general public, China, 2009 Immigrant 10-18 aged general public, Vieno: Italy, 2006 Migration 16+ aged general public, China, 2002 Migrants vs urbans 16+ aged general public, 26 cities, China, 2002 Migrants 19+ aged, general public, China, 2008 Migration Russian Diaspora migrants, Russia to Finland, followed 4 years, 2008-2013 Locals/migrants 18+ aged, general public, China, 2010-2012 Hukou location Adults, general public, urban areas, China, 2002 Immigrant 18+ aged, adults, China, 2013