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Correlational subject: Earlier life (antecedents of happiness)

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LIFE HISTORY Earlier life (antecedents of happiness)
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Life history People in transition followed 11 years, metropolis, USA, 1969-1980 First birth at or before age 21 20-70 aged identical twins, Denmark, 2002 Life History 70-100+ aged, West-Berlin, Germany 1990-1993 life history 55-89 aged, The Netherlands, 1992 Education Adults, general public, South Africa, 2002 result all variables 18 + aged; Blacks, USA, 198? Maximum inflation experienced 15+ aged, general public in 17 Latin American nations, 1997-2006 Age at injury Spinal cord injury patients, Southern California, USA, 199? US born 56+aged, Arab-Americans, USA, 2001-2002 Exposure to radiation 15-75 aged, Ukraine, followed 4 years, 2003-2007, Death of closely related person 18+ aged, general public, Switzerland, followed 9 years, 2004-2012