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INCOME Development of one's income Change in income
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advance, alteration, decline, modification, switch, transformation, turn

List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Change in income 16-65 aged, general public, Germany, followed from 1984 to1993 Bonus amount 18+ aged, employees, followed 3 months before and after receiving a bonus, USA, 2008 Income Working age people, UK, followed 10 years 1996-2006 Log per-capita income Working aged, South-Korea, followed 10 years 1998-2008 Expected change income over next 5 years Adults, China, 2002 Current living standards compared to 5 years ago Adults, China, 2002 Percentage of income retained Reterees Ohio USA, followed 1 year, 1986-1987 Household income 50-70 aged, 12 European countries, followed 5 years into retirement, 2006/07-2011/12