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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Home ownership 16-65 aged, United Kingdom, 1999 -2004 Dwelling ownership 18+ aged, general public, the US, 2011 Homeowner 15 -79 aged, Japan, 2011 Own home 18+ aged, general public, EU 10 nations, 1981 Home ownership 15+ aged general public, Australia, followed 8 years 2001-2009 Homeowner 18+ aged general public, followed 15 years, 1992-2007, Germany Housing value 18-60 general public, urban China, 2003 Ownership of house Adults, age range not rpeorted, Bhutan, 2012 Home owner Adults, Ecuador, 2015 Ownership of the house Adults, aged >=20, Thailand Dwelling ownership +15 aged, general public, Canada, 1985-1998 Owning house Inhabitants of more and less planned areas, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, 2013 House ownership 18 to 60 age, working age urban population, China, 2008 home ownership +18 aged, metropolitan areas in 5 OECD nations, 2011 Home ownership status 55-75 aged adults, Australia, followed 17 years, 2001-2018 home ownership 50+ aged, not yet retired, 18 European Nations, 2006, 2011. House ownership Married couples with children, followed 10 years before and after 5-day work policy, South Korea 1998-2008 own house 19+ aged, Gyeonggi-do region, South Korea, 2016 Household living condition 15+ aged rural living, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand, 2005 Household tenure Rural population, Ireland, 2007 Household tenure Rural population, Ireland, 2001