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Correlational subject: Setting of medical treatment

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HEALTH: TREATMENT MEDICAL Setting of medical treatment
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Place of terminal care End stage cancer patients, UK,1978 Hospital Heart patients, USA, followed 90 days, 1995 Number of days in hospital last year 21-64 aged, general public, Germany, followed 14 years, 1985-1999 Hospitalization 21-65 aged general public, City of Utrecht,The Netherlands, 1967 Examinig doctor shortly after birth 31-33 aged, born at the university hospital, Denmark, 1993 Frequency of Medical Care Chronic mental patients, USA,1981 Treatment for renal failure Endstage renal patients, U.K. 198? treatment Patients with end-stage renal disease, 11 dialysis and transplantation centers, USA., 198?