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Correlational subject: In ambulatory treatment

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HEALTH: PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT Treatment for mental disorder (clinical psychology, psycihatry) Setting of psychiatric treatment In ambulatory treatment
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Mental health 60+ aged, psychiatric cases and controls, Los Angeles, USA, 1971 Client status Mental patients shortly after change in institutional setting, USA, 1981 Psychiatric morbidity_B Married couples with high incidence of minor psychiatric problems, London, U.K., 1977 Consultation: mental health Catholic nuns, re-organized cloister, followed 4 years, Louisiana, USA, 1977-1981 Mental disturbances 20+ aged, general public, Puerto Rico, 1963-1964 Utilization of community health centers Clients of community mental health centers, Ohio and West Virginia, 1982 Mental illness Students and mental patients, USA 199?