Correlational subjects

Correlational subject: Trainings for multiple mental skills

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HEALTH: PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT Training for mental growth (positive psychology) Happiness training Trainings for multiple mental skills

List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Happiness increasing activity Users of on-line self-help program, USA, 200? Change in affect before-after course Users of a 6 week online psychoeducation course, 35 nations, 201? Well-being training program Employee well-being trainees and controls, Melbourne, Australia, 200? Positive psychotherapy training Participants in a happiness training and controls, followed 1 year, Philadelphia, USA, 2004 Positive psychotherapy training, study 2. Adults with mild-moderate depressive symptoms, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 2006-2007 Positive psychotherapy training, study 3 Adults with mild/moderate depressive symptoms, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 2007-08 Happiness lessons Children 9-12,5 years,, Netherlands, 2010 Quality of Life Therapy QoLT for mothers Chlidren with obsessive compulsive disorder, mothers of which received a training or not. Iran, Isphahan, 2008 Web-based positive psychology/cognitive therapy intervention Patients with chronic HIV infection, Norway, 2010 Better Days Internet-Based Positive Psychology Intervention Participants in happiness training, Norway, 2010 Online intervention on wellbeing Physicians, USA, 2012 Positive Psychotherapy Protocol Students low in positive affect, China, 2009 Positive affect intervention HIV diagnosed patients, USA, 2014 Positive Emotion Intervention Dementia caregivers, USA, 2014-2016 Well-Being Interventions Employees, multiple countries, 2014 Internet based Positive Psychology Intervention Patients with chronic pain, Netherlands and Belgium, 2012-2013 Intervention to promote well-being Physicians, USA, 2010-2012 Positive Psychology Group Intervention Breast cancer patients, Spain, 2007-2011 Linking affect and coping (LILAC) intervention Women with metastatic breast cancer, USA, 2011-2014 DAHLIA (Developing Affective Health to Improve Adherence) Adults with type 2 diabetes, USA, 2010 Happiness training Participants happiness training and controls, , 2012, followed 12 weeks, Germany