Correlational subjects

Correlational subject: Course, class, training group

Classification path:
HEALTH: PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT Mode of positive psychological treatment Delivery methods used in positive psychological treatments Guided intervention Course, class, training group

List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Positive Psychology Intervention program Students participating in happiness training, United Arab Emerates, 2015-2016 Change in affect before-after course Users of a 6 week online psychoeducation course, 35 nations, 201? Psychological strength and problem solving training Participants in a strength training and controls, Australia, 2009 Happiness lessons Students of a happiness course and controls, Netherlands 2009 Goal setting and planning training (GAP) Participants in a goal training and controls, London, United Kingdom, 2005 Wellness program 10-12 aged, participants in wellness program, USA, followed 6 months, 2008 Gratitude intervention program School teachers participating in happiness training, Hong Kong, 2007 Three weeks daily program, improving psychological skills 15-20 aged, before and after training, Mexico, 2005 Subjective well-being training Students participating in a happiness training, Italy, 200? Positive psychotherapy training Participants in a happiness training and controls, followed 1 year, Philadelphia, USA, 2004 training program for enhancing goalsetting techniques Managers participating in a personality development course, Germany, 2000 Course on happiness and positive mental health Adults, trainees and controls, followed 10 weeks, Dunedin, New Zealand, 1978 Beliefs about self Adults, trainees and controls, followed 10 weeks, Dunedin, New Zealand, 1978 Well-being training program Employee well-being trainees and controls, Melbourne, Australia, 200? Long-term meditation Long-term meditators and controls, Netherlands 2009 meditation course Meditation trainees and controls, Oman, 1998 Efffect of happiness training Participants in a happiness training, Italy, 2001 Happiness lessons Children 9-12,5 years,, Netherlands, 2010 Positive psychotherapy training, study 2. Adults with mild-moderate depressive symptoms, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 2006-2007 Laughter Yoga Participation Participants in a laughter Yoga Class and a control group , Australia 200? Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Distressed adults, the Netherlands, 2005 Gratitude inducing exercises vs recalling events Participants in a 4-week psychological training, Canada, 2008 Program to increase personal happiness Student participants in a happiness training, USA 198? Bareec 8 week intervention program University students participating in a positive psychology training, Kuwait, 201? Gratitude training Psychology students participating in a training, USA Quality of Life Therapy QoLT for mothers Chlidren with obsessive compulsive disorder, mothers of which received a training or not. Iran, Isphahan, 2008 Positive Psychotherapy Protocol Students low in positive affect, China, 2009 Best Possible Self Activity Students, Singapore, 2013