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Correlational subject: Current handicap

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HANDICAP Current handicap
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List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Disablement 18+ aged, general public, former province Kuopio, Finland, 1991-1996 Disability status 20-59 aged, general public, Australia, 2002 Locomotion 40+ orthopedic patients, 3 month after discharge, USA, 2002 Long-standing illness/disability 42 aged, Great Britain, 2000 Health disability 16+ aged, general public, Germany, 1990-2004 Limited Adults, general public, British Columbia, Canada, 1999 Days limited Adults, general public, Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada, 2000 Days limited Adults, general public, Mackenzie, British Columbia, Canada, 2001 Days limited Adults, general public, City of Pirnce George, British Columbia, Canada, 2000-2001 Poor vision 70+aged, Hong Kong, 1991-1992 Poor functional ability-Barthel Index 70+aged, Hong Kong, 1991-1992 Health impairments affecting mobility 55+ aged, Germany and Italy, 2000 Speech Mentally retarded males, hospital, USA, 196? Change in disabled Working age people, UK, followed 10 years 1996-2006 Disability or handicap Homeless, Madrid, Spain, 201? Disabled Poor households: benefactories of a welfare program and controls, Kenya, 2007 physical health Nursing home residents, Netherlands, 2017 Health 17+ aged, general public, Germany, 2007 Health Working aged, general public, Germany, 2007/2008 Health Working aged, general public, Germany, 1998