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Correlational subject: Trend average happiness in cities/regions

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ERA (temporal period) Average happiness in era Trend average happiness in era Trend in general public Trend average happiness in cities/regions
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Living in a period of national crisis Adults, general public, 2 towns, prosperous and depressed, Illinois, USA, 1962/3 - 1962/10 Happiness in Rotterdam 1997-2009 13+ aged, general public, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1997-2009. Geographic region 15+aged, general public, Canada, 2009-2011 Trends in life-satisfaction 1983-1998 18+aged, general public, 9 regions, USA, 1983-1998 Trend in happiness 18+ aged, general public, East Germany, 1990-2004 national income Adults, general public, West Germany 1985-2000 Average income in nation 18+ aged general public, (West-)Germany, followed 16 years 1984-2000