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Correlational subject: Earlier (un)employment

Classification path:
EMPLOYMENT Development of one's employment Earlier (un)employment
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List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Work 18+ aged, general public, EU 10, 1981 Unemployment 15-60 aged, general public, followed 12 month, The Netherlands, 1967-77 Employment history Schizophrenic males non-hospitalized, Monroe County, New York, USA, 1964-65 Duration of employment Employees, industry or service sector, Austria and West germany, ±1970 Unemployment experience 18+ aged, general public, USA 1972-1983 Job tenure Criminal justice staff personnel; USA; followed 2 years, 199? Social situation 18+ aged, general public, Germany, 2001 Change in employment Employed - unemployed - -re-employed, Germany, followed 15 years 1984-1998 Reason retirement: unemployment 45+ aged males, USA, followed 12 years 1966-1978 Employment status Married women aged 20-59, United Kingdom, followed 10 years, 1996-2006, Employment history 31-aged general public, Finland, 1997-1998 Employed (lagged) 16+ aged general public, Germany, followed 1-26 years, 1984-2010 Duration of last job 16+ aged, recently fallen unemployed, Germany, 2007-2008 Workstatus Recently separated, Pennsylvania.USA, followed 2 years, 1977-79 Employment 15+ aged, general public, 10 Central and Eastern European Nations, 1999, 2008 Unemployed immediately Former employees, Ontario, Canada, 1982 Work status 18+ aged, general public, Switzerland, followed 9 years, 2004-2012 Employment mobility 18+ aged, general public, major cities, Japan, 2010