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DAILY JOYS & HASSLES Current daily joys & hassles Current hassles
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dislikes, actual, present, prevailing, ongoing

List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Pressure of academicwork Female college students, Radcliff USA, followed 6 weeks, 1957 Pressure of academicwork Male college students, followed 3 years, Harvard University, USA, 1957-60 Pressure of academicwork Undergraduate students, Nassau Community College, USA, 1970 Stressors ( hassles and life events) Students, religious affiliated college, USA, 199? Work conditions 50+aged full time employees, USA, 1989 Daily stressors Middle aged, United States, followed 8 days 201? Pleasure/pain balance College students, USA, followed 7 weeks 1991-1992 Unfair experiences 20-64 aged rural, migrants and urban population China, 2010