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AGE Time trend of happiness in age categories
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Period (time sequentional analysis) 25-74 aged, USA, samples in 1971-75 and 1981-84 Age 15+ aged general public, Germany, 1986-2007 Age 18+ aged, general public, Ireland, 1981-2002 Age 18-65 aged general public, Germany, followed 16 years, 1994-2009 Trend in internet use 20+ aged general pubic, Israel, 2003-2012 Age 18+ general public, Romania, 1993-2003 Age 18+ aged general public, Romania, 1998-2004 Age 46-59 aged women and 51-64 aged men, Russia, followed 5 years, 2006-2011