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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Age Public school pupils age 8-18, Baltimore, USA, 1968 Age Adolescents, The Netherlands, 1979 Age Law school students, Chicago, USA, 198? Age Male undergraduates, University of Kansas, USA, 1967 Age Students, undergraduates, Kent State University at Ashtabula, Ohio, USA., 1966-67 Age Female students college seniors, followed two months, Rochester, USA, 1965-66 age Unmarried teenage mothers, USA, 1989-1990 age 12 - 24 aged children of divorce, 1992, The Netherlands age University students, USA and The Netherlands, 2004 Age 9-17 aged children, 17 countries/regions East Asia and Pacific 2001 Age Teenagers, USA, 199? school class 13-16 aged students, Hong Kong, 1983-1984. age Adolescents, Spain 1999 age Adolescents, Spain 2003 Middle class families, Catalonia Age 11,13 and 15 aged, school children, 41 countries and regions, 2005-2006 schooltype School children, USA, 200? Age Children 8-15, United Kingdom, 2010 Age 3-12 months aged infants, Oregon, United States, 199? Age 18+ aged general public, followed 15 years, 1992-2007, Germany Age group 8-13 aged,school children, India, 2014 Age Children aged 8-15, England, 2010 Age of child or mother Children living with working mothers, UK, followed 12 years 1994 - 2006 Age 11-19 aged highschool girls, Iran, 200? age groups 12-25 aged, general public, Netherlands, 2015. Age University students, Brazil and United States, 2005-2006 Age Students aged from 10 to14 years, Chile three cities,201? Age 18+ aged, students, Berlin, Germany 20? Age 18+ aged, students, Finland Age Children, aged 8-12, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2013 Age College students, Taiwan, 200? Age College students, Taiwan, 200? Age Palestinian Arab Adolescents, Israel, 201? Own age Female university students, members of a sorority, The Netherlands, followed 1 year 2012-2013 Grade in elementary school Basic school children, Mexico, 200? Age Boys; teens; UK; 1998 Age Schoolchildren and teenagers, Kazakhstan 2021