Correlational findings

Study Gavin & Kelley (1978): study US 1973

Miners, non-management, company, USA, 197?
N =
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
Questionnaire completed anonomimiously during working hours


Authors's Label
Perceived work environment
Our Classification
Clusters appearing in responses to 65-item questionnaire:
A: Supervisory consideration (6-item index): the degree to which the immediate supervisor is viewed as being fair, considerate, and affective in human relations.
B: Intercrew communications (4-item index): the extent of individual worker satisfaction with communications between his and other crews.
C: Promotion practices (4-item index): the extent to which the employee feels there are ample and equitable advancement opportunities.
D: Participation and feedback (3-item index): the degree to which thesupervisor includes the employee in  decision-making and gives feedback concerning performance.
E: Training (2-item index): the perceived adequacy of training for present job and future work assignments.
F: Quality of task information (3-item  index): the extent to which the employee perceives clearly expressed and accurate information being exchanged between his supervisor and co-workers.
G: Interdepartment relations (2-item index): the amount of cooperation believed to exist between the  employee's department and other departments.
H: Equipment (2-item index): the perceived quality and availability of equipment for woker use.
I: Task pressure (3-item index): the extent to which the employee feels his supervisor pressures employees for greater production with threats and punishments.

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SL?-c-sq-*-*-a r = -.01 ns A: Supervisosry consideration. O-SL?-c-sq-*-*-a r = +.13 p < .01 B: Intercrew communications. O-SL?-c-sq-*-*-a r = +.04 ns C: Promotion practices. O-SL?-c-sq-*-*-a r = +.00 ns D: Participation and feedback. O-SL?-c-sq-*-*-a r = -.07 ns E: Training. O-SL?-c-sq-*-*-a r = -.02 ns F: Quality of task information. O-SL?-c-sq-*-*-a r = -.04 ns G Interdepartment relations. O-SL?-c-sq-*-*-a r = -.02 ns H: Equipment. O-SL?-c-sq-*-*-a r = +.12 p < .01 I: Task pressure. O-SL?-c-sq-*-*-a = .20 p < .001 A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H+I