Correlational findings

Study Jenkinson et al. (2020): study BE Flanders 2009

Parents, married vs. divorced, Flanders, Belgium, 2009
Survey name
BE Divorce in Flanders Survey
N = 6470
Non Response
Interview: face-to-face
Insofar possible, a face-to-face interview was conducted with both the anchor respondent and their (ex-)spouse, who is also an anchor respondent. Within this anchor relationship, one target child was selected. If living inside the household and over the age of 10, the child was also contacted for a face-to-face interview. If living outside the household and over the age of 18, the target child recieved a mail questionnaire. Similarly, one parent of each respondent in the anchor relationship received a mail questionnaire, as well as a new live-in partner of a divorced anchor respondent.


Authors's Label
Recent divorce
Our Classification
1: Divorce occurered in preceding 3 years
0: Divorce did not occur in preceding 3 years

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLW-?-sq-n-11-d b = -.2 p < .01 DIVORCED SINGLE MEN AND WOMEN ONLY A-AB-cw-mq-v-4-f b = -.12 ns b controlled for:
- parental status
- education
- age
- age squared
- employment status
- parental nationality
- income