Correlational findings

Study WCIOM (2022a): study RU 2022

18+ aged general public, Russia 2022/1
Survey name
N = 600
Non Response
Interview: Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI)


Authors's Label
Federal District
Our Classification
Related specification variables
Self report on the question about Federal District you live in:
a: Central Federal District
b: Northwestern Federal District
c: Southern Federal District
d: North Caucasian Federtal Distict
e: Privolzhsky Federal District
f: Ural Federal District
g: Siberian Federal District
j: Far Eastern Federal District

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-HP-g-sq-v-4-a DM = average happiness:
a: Central Federal District         M = 2.93
b: Northwestern Federal District    M = 2.86
c: Southern Federal District        M = 2.91
d: North Caucasian Federal District M = 2.94
e: Privolzsky Federal District      M = 2.98
f: Ural Federal District            M = 2.99
g: Siberian Federal District        M = 3.11
j: Far Eastern Federal District     M = 3.17
O-HP-g-sq-v-4-a D% = very happy%
a: Central Federal district            31%
b: Northwestern Federal district       27%
c: Southern Federal District           37%
d: Noth Caucasian Fedferal District    40%
e: Privolzhsky Federal District        31%
f: Ural Federal District               33%
g: Siberian Federal District           41%
j: Fat Eastern Federal District        47%

quite happy%
a: Central Federal District            49%
b: Northwestern Federal District       53%
c: Southern Federal District           41%
d: North Caucasian Federal District    35%
e: Privolzhsky Federal District        47%
f: Ural Federal District               47%
g: Siberian Federal District           43%
j: Far Eastern Federal District        36%

not particularly happy%
a: Central Federal District            10%
b: Northwestern Federal District        9%
c: Southern Federal District           12%
d: Nortth Caucasian Federal District   14%
e: Privolzhsky Federal District        13%
f: Ural Federaol District              10%
g: Siberian Federal District            8%
j: Far Eastern Federtal District        8%

not at all happy%
a: Central Federal District             6%
b: Northwestern Federal Distict         6%
c: Southern Federal District            5%
d: North Caucasian Federal District     6%
e: Privolzhsky Federal District         6%
f: Ural Fedferal District               8%
g: Siberian Federal District            5%
j: Far Eastern Federal District         5%