Correlational findings

Study Weiss et al. (1999): study US 1996

Managers, United States, followed 16 working days, 1996
Survey name
Unnamed study
N = 64
Non Response
Multiple assesment methods
dairy and questionnaires


Authors's Label
Variability in feeling active at work
Our Classification
Participants were asked to complete the CMR mood checklist in a daily diary 4 times each day for 16 working days: in the morning when they arrived at work, in the midmorning, in midafternoon, before leaving work at the end of the day. 64 observations per respondent. Current Mood Report (CMR), Larsen and Kasimatis (1990)
M = 0.43; SD = 0.14
Variability in feeling active at work over 16 days. Feeling on activity measured using self report on 11 adjective statements about "how you are feeling right now":
a. passive
b. stimulated
c. enthusiastic
d. sluggish
e. active
f. calm
g. aroused
h. tranquil
i. inactive
j. exticed
k. tired

Rating scale not reported

Variability measured with standard deviation of "Activation".

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-Sum-g-mq-*-111-b r = +.05 ns Standard deviation of Activation by general happiness