Correlational findings

Study Dingemans & Henkens (2015): study NL 2001

50+ aged, Netherlands, followed before and after retirement, 2001-2011
Survey name
NL-NIDI work and retirement panel
N = 4419
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
T1: 2001, T2: 2006/7, T3: 2011


Authors's Label
Bridge employment
Our Classification
Followed 10 years (2001-2011):
(a) M=0.18, SD=0.38, n=214
(b) M=0.14, SD=0.34, n=164
(c) M=0.68, SD=0.46, n=811

Among retirees, amout 20% perceived their retirement to have been forced.
Retirees were asked whether they were participating in paid work at T2/T3.
1: yes
0: no

Categorized into:
(a) working in career job (reference group)
(b) bridge job
(c) fully retired

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks M-CO-u-mq-v-5-b b-fix = -.03 ns T1-T3 CHANGE happiness by had bridge job (vs workng in career job) M-CO-u-mq-v-5-b b-fix = -.07 ns T1-T3 CHANGE happiness by fully retired (vs workng in career job)

All b-fix controlled for T1-T3 CHANGE in:
- age
- living with partner
- health problems
- personal monthly income

Happiness assessed at
T1: 2001
T2: 2006/7
T3: 2011
Most repondents retired in this period