Correlational findings

Study Shin (2015): study ZZ 2000

Adult general public, 61 nations, 2000-2009
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INT-World Database of Happiness Pooled surveys from different programs
N = 90000
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Multiple assesment methods


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Life expectancy
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Data: World Database of Happiness
Related specification variables
Average life expectancy in nation 2000 to 2009

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLW-*-sq-nt-11-a r = +.79 AVERAGE happiness by life expectancy in 61 nations O-SLW-*-sq-nt-11-a b = +.03 ns b controlled for GDP per captia O-SLW-*-sq-nt-11-a = + . O-SLW-*-sq-nt-11-a = The contour lines are downward-sloped when the income per capita is low(left-below side), however, there is no a specific pattern when the income per capita is high (rightupper side).

The point C is a combination of high income per capita and long life expectancy,on the other hand, the point D is a combination of low income per capita and short life expectancy. The short life expectancy with less income is equivalent to the long life expectancy with more income which means the life expectancy itself is not always proportional to the happiness.