Correlational findings

Study Baker et al. (2008): study CA Quebec 1994

0-11 year old children of two-parent families, followed 9 years 1994-2003 before and after change in child care policy, Quebec, Canada.
Survey name:
CA-NLSCY pooled waves
N = 14555
Non Response:
Interview: computer assisted (CAPI)


Authors's Label
Child happiness (following change child care policy)
Our Classification
Pre- policy change T11994-95, T2 1996-97 Post-policy change T4 2000-01 T5 2002-03
Quebec $5 a day childcare subsidy introduced in 1997
1: Eligible children  (aged 0-4)
0: Non eligible children (aged 6-110

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-c-rdf-v-3-a b-fix = -.01 ? Pre-post CHANGE happinees in eligible children A-AOL-c-rdf-v-3-a b-fix = +.04 ? Pre-post CHANGE happiness non-eligible children

b-fix controled for:
- age and sexe of child
- parental characteristics
  - age
  - education
  - ethinicity
  - urban/rural living
  - number of sibblings
- province in Canada
- year

b-fix denotes change in child happiness in Quebec relative to change in other provinces in Canada where no such policy changes took place in these years