Correlational findings

Study Auma (2015): study NL Rotterdam 2009

General public, 67 neighborhoods, Rotterdam Netherlanfs 2009
Survey name:
NL-Rotterdam Leisure Survey 2009
N = 67
Non Response:
Interview: face-to-face


Authors's Label
Public transport modes
Our Classification
Data provided by local public transportation company RET
Number of bus directions: M=5.50, SD=5.41
Number of bus platforms: N=17.50, SD=18.75
Average number of bus visits: M=30.79, SD=20.20
Average bus waiting time: M=6.44, SD=2.98
Number of metro platform: M=2.12,SD=4.66
Average number of metro visits: M=23.97, sd=37.12
Number of tram direction: M=2.70, SD=3.55
Number of tram platforms: M=7.18, SD=10.31
Average number of Tram visits: M=38.99, SD=36.40
Related specification variables
Number of platforms and directions for bus, tram and metro in the neighbourhood

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-HL-?-sq-v-4-a OPRC = -.01 ns AVERAGE happines in neighorhood and by modes of public transportation in neighbourhood

No controls
O-HL-?-sq-v-4-a OPRC = -.17 p < .01 OPRC controled for neighbourhood
- population density
- %employed
- average income

/\ shaped pattern:
Number of bus directions:
- positive in unhappy neighbourhoods.
- negative in happy neighbouthoods.
Number of Bus Platforms:
- negative in unhappy neighbourhoods.
- positive in happy neighbouthoods.

Similar for Dutch and non-Dutch residents