Correlational findings

Study Thompson et al. (2015): study US San Francisco, California 2010

Transgender women with high HIV risk, San Fransisco, USA, 2010
Survey name
TEACH study: Transfemales Empowering and Advancing Community Health
N = 312
Non Response
Interview: Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)


Authors's Label
QOL Domain psychological health
Our Classification
Error Estimates
Model-bases reliability = 0.78
Psychological subscale WHO-QOL BREF
Range 0-100.
M = 67.39 SD = 17.84 Median = 70.83
Self report on 6 questions.
A: How much do you enjoy life?
B To what extent do you feel your life to be meaningful?
C How well are you able to concentrate?
D Are you able to accept your bodily appearance?
E How satisfied are you with yourself?
F How often do you have negative feelings such as blue mood, despair, anxiety, depression?

Items A,B,C ranked:
5 not at all
4 a little
3 a moderate amount
2 very much
1 an extreme amount

Item D ranked:
1 not at all
2 a little
3 moderately
4 mostly
5 completely

Item E ranked:
1 very dissatisfied
2 dissatisfied
3 neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
4 satisfied
5 very satisfied

Item F ranked:
5 never
4 seldom
3 quite often
2 very often
1 always

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-QOL-cw-sq-v-5-b r = +.49