Correlational findings

Study OECD (2017): study CH 2015

15-16 aged, secundary school students, Switzerland, 2017
Survey name
IN-PISA 2015
N = 5860
Non Response
Questionnaire: Conputer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI)


Authors's Label
Time per week spend learning in regular lessons
Our Classification
Learning time in test language regular lessons was computed by multiplying the number of minutes on average in the test language class by numberof test language class periods per week. Comparable indices were computed for mathematics and science. Learning time in total was computed using information about the average minutes in a class period in relation to information about the number of class periods per week attended in total. For convenience purposes, the information on learning time has been transforme into hours
quartiles presented,
M hours= 25
SD= 6
Selfreport on 3 question about 4 subjects:
- How many class periods per week are you typically required to attend for: language / mathematics/ science?
- In a normal, full week at school, how may class periods per week are you required to attend in total? (slider range: 0 - '80 or more')
- How many minutes, on average, are there in a class period? (slider range: 0 - '120 or more')

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLW-c-sq-n-11-b DM = - ns 4            M= 7,67  
3            M= 7,75
2            M= 7,78
1            M= 7,69

4-1 difference -0,02