Correlational findings

Study Knight & Gunatilaka (2011): study CN 2002

Adults, China, 2002
Survey name
CN-CHIP 2002
N = 8872
Non Response
Interview: face-to-face


Authors's Label
Household income compared to village average
Our Classification
Only rural respondents Question and ratings not reported Question and ratings not reported
A: 2%; B: 19%; C: 20%
Household income compared to village average:
A much above village average
B below village average
C much below village average
Assumed dummies:
1 Yes
0 No

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-HL-c-sq-v-5-ae b = +/- p < .01                                b
A much above village average  +.22(01)
B below village average       +.11(01)
C much below village average  -.27(01)

b's controlled for:
- basic variables:
  - gender
  - age and age squared
  - marital status
  - health
- conventional economic variables
  - log of p.c. household income
  - net wealth
  - working hours
- comparison variables
  - living standards compared to 5 years ago
  - expected income over next 5 years
  - gini of household income p.c. county level
- attitudinal variables
  - degree of harmony among lineages
  - degree of harmony in village
  - agree that money is important
  - importance of family
  - importance of friends