Correlational findings

Study Botha et al. (2018): study ZA 2012

16+ aged general public, South Africa, 2012
Survey name
SA-SAS 2012_1
N = 2111
Non Response
Interview: face-to-face


Authors's Label
Attachment (family functioning)
Our Classification
FACI8 questionnaire
Self-report on 8 questions:
a: It is easier to discuss problems with people outside the family than with other family members
b: In my family, everyone goes his/her way
c: We have difficulty thinking of things to do as a family
d: Family members feel closer to people outside the family than to other family members
e: It is difficult to get a rule change in my family
f: Family members avoid each other at home
g: Family members are afraid to say what is on their minds
h: Family members pair up rather than do things as a total family

Each rated:
1 = always
2 = more than half the time
3 = half the time
4 = sometimes
5 = never

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-HL-g-sq-v-7-ab Beta = -.02 Beta controlled for:
- individual SES index
- family situation
     - attachment
     - changeability
     - household size
     - household structure
     - female-headed household
- personal characteristics
     - log(age), log(age squared)
     - gender
     - race (coloured, Asian/Indian, white)
     - marital status
     - health status
     - religion status
- location
     - geographical area

Beta unaffected by alternativ control of SES:
- individual SES quartiles
- household SES index
- household SES quartiles
- subjective SES index
- subjective SES quartiles