Correlational findings

Study Senol-Durak & Durak (2010): study TR 2010

17-36 aged, students, Turkey, 2010
N = 521
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
Questionnaires were distributed in a classroom setting


Authors's Label
Problematic internet use
Our Classification
OCS: Davis et al. (2002) - Validation of a new scale for measuring problematic internet use: implications for pre-employment screening. In: Cyberpsychology&Behavior, 5, 331-345.
Self report on 36 questions about 4 dimensions of internet use:
A Social comfort
    - I am most comfortable online
    - I feel safest when I am on the Internet
    -You can get to know a person better on the Internet than in person
    - I often find it peaceful to be online
    - I can be myself online
    - I get more respect online than "in real life
    - People accept me for who I am online
    - Online relationships can be more fulfilling than offline ones
    - I am at my best when I am online
    - I wish my friends and family knew how people regard me online
    - The Internet is more "real" than real life
    - I say or do things on the Internet that I could never do offline
    - When I am online, I can be carefree
B Loneliness/ depression
    - Few people love me other than those I know online
    - I am less lonely when I am online
    - I cannot see myself ever without the Internet for too long
    - The Internet is an important part of my life
    - I feel helpless when I don't have access to the Internet
    - I am bothered by my inability to stop using the Internet so much
C Diminished impulse control
    - I often keep thinking about something I experienced online well after I have logged off
    - When I am on the Internet, I often feel a kind of "rush" or emotional high
    - I use the Internet more than I ought to
    - People complain that I use the Internet too much
    - I never stay on longer than I had planned
    - When I am not online, I often think about the Internet
    - The offline world is less exciting than what you can do online
    - I can't stop thinking about the Internet
    - Even though there are times when I would like to, I can't cut down on my use of the Internet.
    - My use of the Internet sometimes seems beyond my control
D Distraction
    - When I am online I don't think about my responsibilities.
    - When I have nothing better to do, I go online.
    - I find that I go online more when I have something else I am supposed to do
    - When I am online, I don't need to think about offline problems
    - I sometimes use the Internet to procrastinate
    - I often use the Internet to avoid doing unpleasant things
    - Using the Internet is a way to forget about the things I must do but don't really want to do

7 Completely agree
1 completely disagree

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-BW-cw-mq-v-5-d AoV = + Positive Affect A-BW-cw-mq-v-5-d AoV = + Negative Affect A-BW-cw-mq-v-5-d r = - - positieve affect r = -.04 (ns)
- negative affect  r = +.31 (001)
correlation with Affect Balance hence negative
A-BW-cw-mq-v-5-d b = ? - positieve affect b = +.13 (05)
- negative affect  r = +.25 (001)
correltion with Affect Balance hence unclear

b controled for:
- self-esteem
- life-satsifaction