Correlational findings

Study Martinez-Marti et al. (2010): study ES Madrid 2007

Students, participants in a gratitude training, Madrid, Spain, 2007
Survey name
Unnamed study
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Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
Participants were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 conditions: gratitude, hassles and any event. They were told that they were going to take part in a study regarding mood. They filled out 15 daily reports, the first one were baseline measures, the other 14 daily measuring their gratitude state, positive and negative affect, physical well-being, sleep quality and appraisals of subjective well-being. At the end of the intervention all the daily measures were taken again, together with measures of gratitude trait, quality of relationshipo with 1 significant person, and sensitivity to the others' needs. 15 days after, they filled out measures of all the variables again, and the significant persons (close relation) estimated the gratitude, well-being and sensitivity to others of the participants. 3 time levels: Pre-test (before the intervention), post-test (directly after the intervention) and a follow-up (2 weeks after the intervention).


Authors's Label
Gratitude writing intervention
Our Classification
Participants were randomly assigned to one of three writing tasks, which involved 15 daily reports based on the following instructions:
A:  Gratitude: "In life there are many people who help us reach our goals or who just make our lives easier with small details. If we try to put ourselves in their shoes, aprreciate their afforts, and notice the voluntary nature of their acts, we have a good reason to feel grateful. Please, think of today and write 5 things in your life for wehich you could feel grateful".
B:  Hassles: In life, we find many hassles that stand in our way in different fields (e.g. in personal relationships, at work, at university, at home, in financial stuff, inhealth). Please think of today and write 5 hassles you had to face.
C:  Events: "In life, we find many events that may affect us in a different deghree, in a positive and a negative way. Please, think of today and write 5 events that have affected you in any way".

1 Treatment: A (gratitude)
0 Control: B and C

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLW-md-sq-v-7-a DM = 0 ns               Mean Happiness LEVEL   
- Gratitude   5,5  
- Hassels     5,5                  
- Events      5,5