Correlational findings

Study Sakawa et al. (2015): study JP Kinki 2006

Students, Osaka, Japan, followed 14 months, 2006-2008
N = 70
Non Response
Questionnaire: Conputer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI)
Respondents were asked to fill out a daily survey and and an hourly survey: - Daily survey: During a month respondents were asked to report every day their happiness and evaluation of personal and macro news (how good or bad they are) Arriving on that day. - Hourly survey: Respondents were asked to choose one day every month on which to report their happiness and what they were doing just before reporting, once during every hour that day.


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Hour of the day
Our Classification
Every hour of the day (from 1:00 to 24:00) respondents were asked how happy they felt right now, .

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-ARE-m-sqr-n-11-b OLRC = +/- Average happiness falls during the night, reaching lowest value at 7:00 pm. It then rises up to 10:00 pm. After staying at a constant level until 16:00, it goes up until 23:00.