Correlational findings

Study Crous et al. (2018): study ES 2017

11-16 aged secondary school pupils,Spain, 2017
N = 763
Non Response:
Questionnaire: paper
The questionnaire was delivered in groups to all the tudents that had returned the consent form in their usual classroom in 35-40 minute sessions. First, a researcher explained the aim of the study and the conficential nature of the data. They were told that it was an individual quaestionnaire to be completed voluntary and that questions could be left unanswered. Depending on the size of the group, 2 or 3 researchers were present to answer participants' questions. 1st and 2nd year pupis received a shortened, simplified version of the questionnaire.


Authors's Label
Combined self perceived aspects that contribute to happiness
Our Classification
28 combined aspects that contribute to happiness:
a  Knowing that a lot of people love me
b  Feeling that I am a fair and honest person
c  Having plenty of money
d  Knowing that a lot of people admire me
e  Being convinced that my life has a goal
f    Loving intensely
g   Having experiences that make me feel alive
h   Acting in line with my principles
I    Appreciating the small things in life
j    Knowing how to see the best in people I know
k   Appreciating nature
l    Feeling connected to a higher being
m Believing that there is something after death
n   Practising a religion
o  Being at peace with myself
p  Enjoying a lot of intense experiences
q  Not being afraid of beinng alone
r   Seeing that I produce things
s  Being happy
t   Feeling that I make other people happy
u  Having a good time
v  Having what I want
w Doing whatever I want
x  Feeling that I am a useful person for others
y  Having power over others
z  Doing things well
a1Leaving others with a good memory of me
b1Having new experiences

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLW-?-sq-n-11-b = +.25 p < .001 O-HL-?-sq-n-11-d = +.18 p < .001