Correlational findings

Study Kasser & Ahuvia (2002): study SG 2000

Business students, Singapore, 2000
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Unnamed study
N = 92
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Questionnaire: paper


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Materialism Scale (Ger &Belk,1996)
Selfreport on 21 questions about materialistic attitudes and beliefs:
a. I enjoy donating things for charity.
b. I enjoy sharing what I have.
c. I do not enjoy donating things to the needy.
d. I don't like to lend things, even to good friends.
e. When friends do better than me in competition it usually makes me feel happy for them.
f. I enjoy having people I like stay in my home.
g. When friends have things I cannot afford it bothers me.
h. I worry about people taking my possessions.
i. I don't mind giving rides to those who don't have a car.
j. I get very upset if something is stolen from me, even if it has little monetary value.
k. I don't like to have anyone in my home when l'm not there.
l. I don't get particularly upset when I lose things.
m. I am less likely than most people to lock things up.
n. I don't seem to get what is coming to me.
o. People who are very wealthy often feel they are too good to talk to average people.
p. If I have to choose between buying something for myself versus for someone I love, I would prefer buying for myself
q. I am bothered when I see people who buy anything they want.
r. There are certain people I would like to trade places with.
s. I like to collect things
t. I have a lot of souvenirs,
u. I tend to hang on to things I should probably throw out

Rated by 5 Likert scale:
1-extremely important
5-no importance at all

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-u-sq-n-101-a r = -.26 p < .05 A-TH-cw-mq-th%-101-a r = -.22 p < .05 A-TH-g-mq-th%-101-ab r = +18 p < .10