Correlational findings

Study Kasser & Ahuvia (2002): study SG 2000

Business students, Singapore, 2000
Survey name:
Unnamed study
N = 92
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Questionnaire: paper


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Aspiration Index( Kasser& Ryan, 2001)
Selfreport on 57 questions on extrinsic values:
a.  There will always be someone around to take care of me.  
b.  I will be efficient.  
c.  My image will be one other's find appealing.
d.  I will find personal answers to universal spiritual questions (such as:  Is there a supreme spiritual being?  Is there life after death?  What is the meaning of life?)
e.  I will be in control of my emotions.  
f.  I will assist people who need it, asking nothing in return.
g.  I will choose what I do, instead of being pushed along by life.
h.  People will show affection to me, and I will to them.  
i.  I will feel energetic and full of life.
j. I will have few threats to my personal safety.   
k. My life will be full of wine, lovers and song.
l. I will have many expensive possessions.
m. I will achieve the "look" I've been after.
n. I will be admired by many people.
o. I will be polite and obedient
p. I will have a great sex life.
q. I will have developed a code of ethics and/or morals to guide my life.  
r. My basic needs for food, shelter and clothing will be met.  
s. I will feel that there are people who really love me.
t. I will feel free.
u. The things I do will make other people's lives better.
v. My name will be known by many different people.
w. I will be in good physical shape.
x. Someone in my life will accept me as I am, no matter what.  
y. I will follow my interests and curiosity where they take me.
z. I will find satisfying religious and/or spiritual activities.  
aa. I will live up to the expectations of my society.
ab. I will deal effectively with problems in my life.
ac. I will feel safe and secure.
ad. People will often comment about how attractive I look.
ae. I will feel good about my level of physical fitness.
af. I will be financially successful.
ag. I will have a lot of excitement in my life.
ah. I will not have to worry about bad things happening to me.  
ai. I will produce something of lasting worth.  
aj. I will find religious or spiritual beliefs that help me make sense of the world.
ak. Most everyone who knows me will like me.  
al. I will feel good about my abilities.
am. I will successfully hide the signs of aging.
an. I will be relatively free from sickness.
ao. My desires and tastes will be similar to those of other people.  
ap. I will have enough money to buy everything I want.
aq. I will express my love for special people.  
ar. I will find religious and/or spiritual beliefs that are growth-producing.  
as. I will overcome the challenges that life presents me.
at. I will have insight into why I do the things I do.  
au. I will help the world become a better place.
av. I will experience a great deal of sensual pleasure.
aw.  My life and actions will be in agreement with my religious/spiritual beliefs.  
ax. I will have a committed, intimate relationship.
ay. I will have a job that pays well.
52. I will "fit in" with others.  
53. I will be physically healthy.
54. I will have plenty of time to be lazy.  
55. I will keep up with fashions in clothing and hair.  
56. My surroundings will be stable and relatively unchanging.  
57. People will really respect me.  

Rated by 5 Likert scale:
1-extremely important
5-no importance at all

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-u-sq-n-101-a r = -.13 ns A-TH-cw-mq-th%-101-a r = -.08 ns A-TH-g-mq-th%-101-ab r = +16 ns