Correlational findings

Study Debats et al. (1993): study NL 1990

general public, Netherlands, 1990
Survey name
Unnamed study
N = 176
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)


Authors's Label
Life Regard Index (LRI)
Our Classification
Error Estimates
Full scaled: Cronbacn's alpha=0.91 Framework subscale: Cronbacn's alpha=0.84 Fulfilment subscale: Cronbacn's alpha=0.87
Full scaled: M= 60.02  SD=8.92
Framework subscale: M=26.69  SD=3.96
Fulfilment subscale: M=33.39  SD=5.74
Selfreport on 28 questions about
Framework subscale (FR):
a. Significant meaning
b. Philosophy in life
c. Personal framework
d. Clear direction
e. Purpose in living
f. No direction
g. Aims and goals
h. Excited energetic
i. No life purpose
j. Attaining goals
k. No deep beliefs
l. Life confusing
m. No interest in life
n. Energy is focused

Fulfilment subscale (FU):
o. Achievement blocked
p. Accomplishment blocked
q. Positive about life
r. Living fully
s. Life deeply fulfilling
t. Others more directed
u. Others feel better
v. Passion in life
w. Wasted potential
x. Events insignificant
y. Activities valueless
z. Activities unimportant
aa. Accomplishment
ab Need commitmen

Rated: 3 point Likert scale
1. I agree
2. I have no opinion
3. I disagree

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-Sum-*-mq-v-4-a r = +.73 p < .001 Full Scale O-Sum-*-mq-v-4-a r = +.53 p < .001 Framework subscale (item a to n) O-Sum-*-mq-v-4-a r = +.75 p < .001 Fulfilment subscale (item o to ab)