Correlational findings

Study Blanchflower et al. (2013): study GB Wales 2007

16+ aged, general public, Wales, UK, 2007-2010
Survey name:
Welsh Health Survey
N = 49972
Non Response:
Multiple asesment methods
Interview ( face-to-face) and Questionnaire (paper)


Authors's label
Our Classification
1 Yes 0 No
Selfreport on question:
which of these descriptions applies to what you were doing last week?
a. going to school or college full-time (including on vacation)
b. in paid employment or self-employment (reference)
c. on a Government scheme for employment training
d. doing unpaid work for a business that you own, or that a relative owns
e. waiting to take up paid work already obtained
f. looking for paid work or a Government training scheme
g. intending to look for work but prevented by temporary sickness or injury (sick or injured for 28 days or less)
h. permanently unable to work because of long-term sickness or disability
i. retired from paid work
j. looking after the home or family
k. doing something else
l. labor force no answer

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Special Research Type Elaboration / Remarks M-TH-cm-sq-v-5-b b = -.13 p < .01 none Labor force no answer M-TH-cm-sq-v-5-b b = +.06 p < .01 none Involving in school M-TH-cm-sq-v-5-b b = +.02 ns none Government scheme M-TH-cm-sq-v-5-b b = -.17 p < .01 none Unpaid work M-TH-cm-sq-v-5-b b = -.12 ns none Waiting take up work M-TH-cm-sq-v-5-b b = -.19 p < .01 none Unemployed M-TH-cm-sq-v-5-b b = -.55 p < .01 none Temporary sick M-TH-cm-sq-v-5-b b = -.55 p < .01 none Long-term sick M-TH-cm-sq-v-5-b b = -.03 ns none Retired M-TH-cm-sq-v-5-b b = -.04 p < .01 none Home worker M-TH-cm-sq-v-5-b b = -.07 p < .01 none Labor force other

B's controlled for:
-Consumption of fruit and vegetables
-Demographic characteristics
-Socioeconomic characteristics
-household location
-body mass index