Correlational findings

Study Well-Being Study Unit (2012a): study JP 2012

15-69 aged, general population, Japan, 2012
Survey name
Unnamed study
N = 10469
Non Response
Questionnaire: Conputer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI)
Online addition to Quality of Life Survey, which involved face-to-face interviews and self completion questionnaires. This online addition asseses well-being indicators not included in the main survey. The publication focusses on differences due to method of assesment. The Main quality of Life Survey is reported in: ~Well-Being Study Unit (2012b)


Authors's Label
Employment status
Our Classification
except respondents who were unable to be classified
A: Unemployed
    a Housewives/husbands
    b Students
    c Those not in the labor force
B: Employed
    a Agriculture and forestry
    b (Fisheries)
    c (Mining)
    d Construction
    e Manufacturing
    f Electricity, gas, heat supply and water
    g Information and communications
    h Transport
    i Wholesale and retail trade
    j Finance and insurance
    k Real estate
    l Accommodations, eating and drinking services
    m Medical, health care and welfare
    n Education, learning support
    o Compound services
    p Services, not elsewhere classified
    q Government, except elsewhere classified
    r Industries unable to be classified

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-HL-c-sq-n-11-e DM = +- A Unemployed                          M = 4,6
  Aa Housewives/husbands              M = 6,8
  Ab Students                         M = 6,0
  Ac Not in the labor force           M = 6,2

B Employed                            M = 5,9
  Ba Agriculture/forestry             M = 5,4
  Bb (Fisheries)                      M = 6,6
  Bc (Mining)                         M = 6,8
  Bd Construction                     M = 5,7
  Be Manufacturing                    M = 5,9
  Bf Electric./gas/heat/water supply  M = 5,7
  Bg Information and communications   M = 5,6
  Bh Transport                        M = 5,7
  Bi Wholesale and retail trade       M = 5,9
  Bj Finance and insurance            M = 6,3
  Bk Real estate                      M = 6,0
  Bl Accommod./eating/drinking serv.  M = 5,7
  Bm Medical/health care/welfare      M = 6,1
  Bn Education/learning support       M = 6,4
  Bo Compound services                M = 6,1
  Bp Other services                   M = 6,0
  Bq Government                       M = 6,2
  Br Other industries                 M = 5,9