Correlational findings

Study Ludwig (1971): study US 1966

Female students, undergraduates, University of Wisconsin, USA, 196?
N = 72
Non Response
81%; 61% refusal, 5% eliminated on basis of screening data, 15% miscellaneous re
Multiple assesment methods
Structured questionnaires, tests; and interview.


Authors's Label
Perceived acting ability
Our Classification
Related specification variables
1. Question on acting ability as
   compared with other people, rated on
   a 7-point scale. miserable in
   acting/about average/highly talented
   in acting. This question figured in a
   mailed questionnaire used in
   recruitement procedure.
2. Same question after experiment.

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-u-mq-v-10-a r = +.31 p < .05 No self-esteem manipulation.
A-AOL-u-mq-v-10-a r = +.11 ns Ss answered these questions at the end of an experimental situation in which their self-esteem was experimentally altered. This was done by means of a false personality report dealing with the subject's creativity, maturity and other things.