Correlational findings

Study Della Giusta et al. (2010a): study GB 1996

16+ aged, general public, UK, followed 12 years 1996-2007
Survey name
UK-BHPS 1996
N = 22637
Non Response
Interview: face-to-face


Authors's Label
Gender and Time Use Groups
Our Classification
FT=full time PT=part time
Males:    N=  a:24512   b:12714   c:2877   d:0   e:0   f:0   g:15187   h:3393   Total:58683

Females: N=  a:16370   b:6357   c:0   d:2741   e:11580   f:9356   g:20064   h:4222   Total:70690
Related specification variables
Time Use Groups:

a FT work; PT unpaid work
b Long work; PT unpaid work
c FT unpaid work
d FT paid work; FT unpaid work
e PT paid work; PT unpaid work
f PT or no (paid) work; FT unpaid work
g Leisure rich
h FT education/training

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLW-u-sq-n-7-e DM =      Males
All: M=5.29
  a: M=5.25
  b: M=5.25
  c: M=5.18
  d: M=/   
  e: M=/   
  f: M=/   
  g: M=5.40
  h: M=5.38
O-SLW-u-sq-n-7-e DM =      Females
All: M=5.28
  a: M=5.25
  b: M=5.18
  c: M=/
  d: M=5.15
  e: M=5.30
  f: M=5.16
  g: M=5.39
  h: M=5.29
O-SLW-u-sq-n-7-e b = MALES   (N=58674/10085)
(reference: a)
a: reference
b: B=-.05 p<.01
c: B=-.61 p<.10
d: /
e: /
f: /
g: B=-.05 p<.05
h: B=+.17 p<.01
O-SLW-u-sq-n-7-e b = FEMALES (N=70669/11924)
(reference: e)        
a: B=-.04 p<.10
b: B=-.05 ns
c: /
d: B=-.02 ns
e: reference
f: B=-.04 ns
g: B=-.03 ns
h: B=+.12 p<.01

B's controlled for:
- Age Group
- Live with spouse
- Spouse employed
- Number of children under 16
- Age of youngest child
- Qualifications
- Log(Household Income per capita)
- Normal hours worked
- Extra hours worked
- Care hours (mid point)
- Housework hours
- Health Status
- Socio Economic Class