Correlational findings

Study Bowling & Gabriel (2004): study GB 2001

65+aged, Britain, 2000-2001
Survey name:
Omnibus Survey
N = 999
Non Response:
Interview: face-to-face
Interviews took place in the homes of respondents. They lasted between 60-90 minutes.


Authors's label
Depression/Anxiety (GHQ)
Our Classification
Self report on 12 questions:
Have you recently
a. Been able to concentrate on whatever you are doing
b. Lost much sleep over worry
c. Felt that you are playing a useful part in things
d. Felt capable of making decisions about things
e. Felt constantly under strain
f. Felt you couldn't overcome your difficulties
g.Been able to enjoy your normal day to day activities
h. Been able to face up to your problems
i. Been feeling unhappy and depressed
j. Been losing confidence in yourself
k. Been thinking yourself as worthless person
l:. Been happy as reasonably happy, all things

1: less than usual
5: more than usual

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-GBB-u-sq-v-7-a r = -.31 p < .01 O-GBB-u-sq-v-7-a Beta = -.05 Beta controlled for:
- social comparisons and expectations
- health
- health values
- social capital
- age
- gender
- socioeconomic status