Correlational findings

Study Berman (1972): study US 1972

Jail mates on parole, Illinois, USA, 197? Followed 9 month
N = 89
Non Response
Multiple assesment methods
Interviews could be completed in a half-hour, though the vast majority took well over an hour. Subjects elaborated. Mostly face-to-face interviews at the parolee's place of residence, while some took place in restaurants or bars and about 10 took place over the phone.


Authors's Label
Parolee program
Our Classification
Happiness assessed at: T1: before start of the program T2: when the program had been in effect for nime month
Parole supervision program in which lawyers voluntered to spend at least 6 hours a months with a parole. The lawyers were not given any specific instruction. The only rule was that they should not represent the man in court

Parolees were randonly assigned to:
0 normal parole supervision
1 parole supervision by a volunteer lawyer

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLS-c-sq-v-6-a DM = ns No effect on happiness