Correlational findings

Study Rafanelli et al. (2000): study IT 1995

Remitted mental out-patients and controls, Italy, 199?
N = 40
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)


Authors's Label
Environmental mastery
Our Classification
Ryff's Scales of Psychological Well-Being (PWB), subscale Environmental Mastery
Patients: M= 4,7; SD=3,9
Controls: M= 9,8; SD=2,8
Selfreport on 10 questions:
a: I am good at juggling my time so that I can fit everything in that needs to be done
b: I often feel overwhelmed by my responsabilities
c: I am quite good at managing the many responsabilities of my daily life
d: I am good at managing the responsabilities of daily life
e: I do not fit well with the people and community around me
f: I have difficulty arranging my life in a way that is satisfying to me
g: I have been able to create a lifestyle for myself that is much to my linking
h: I generally do a good job of taking care of my personal finances and affairs
i: In general I feel I am in charge of the situation in which I live
j: The demands of everyday life often get me down

Rated on a 6-point numerical scale: (1= strongly disagree to 6= strongly agree)

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks M-FH-cw-mq-v-2-a r = +.26 ns remitted mental out-patients M-FH-cw-mq-v-2-a r = +.51 ns healthy control group