Correlational findings

Study Sheldon & Elliot (1999): study US 1994 /2

18+ aged, students followed 3 months, USA, 199?
N = 73
Non Response:
Questionnaire: paper
T1, T6, T11: take-home pakets of questionnaires T2-T5, T7-T10: in-class questionnaires


Authors's label
Semester effort
Our Classification
At the beginning of the semester participants named 3 goals "that we think about, plan for, carry out, and sometimes (though not always) complete or succeed at"

8 times during semester participants answered for all 3 goals the question "How hard are you trying in pursuing this striving?"

Rated 1 (not at all hard) to 7 (very hard)

semester effort variable was formed by averaging the 12 ratings

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks M-AO-cm-mq-v*-12-a r = +.25 p < .05 T1 happiness by T2-T5 + T7-T10 aggregated effort M-AO-cm-mq-v*-12-a r = +.42 p < .05 T6 happiness by T2-T5 + T7-T10 aggregated effort

Happiness assessed at T1: at beginning of semester, T6: 6 weeks later, T11: another 6 weeks later