Correlational findings

Study Evans et al. (2007): study GB 1994

Mental patients and controls, followed 2 years, UK 1994-2001
N = 149
Non Response
Interview: face-to-face


Authors's Label
Our Classification
Related specification variables
a: Depressed
b: Mental health consultation
c: At least monthly family contact
d: Health oppertunities restricted
e: Financial oppertunities restricted
f: Living oppertunities restricted
g: Married cf not married
h: Positive cf negative disposition
i: Time
j: Safety opportunities restricted
k: Family oppertunities restricted
l: Income
m: Age
n: Home owner cf not a home owner

Rated 1: yes, 0: no

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-DT-u-sqt-v-7-b = .35 a: Mental patients with severe disorder:Patients of mental hospital
- aged 18-65
- diagnosed psychotic of at least 2 years duration
   - hospitalized at least 2 times
   - at least one of which prior to recruitement
O-DT-u-sqt-v-7-b = .36 b: Community residents with common mental disorder:18+ aged community residents
- participants in postal survey
- scoring high on GQH-12 questionnaire
O-DT-u-sqt-v-7-b = .26 c: Community residents in good mental health: 18+ aged community residents
- participants in postal survey
- scoring low on GQH-12 questionnaire