Correlational findings

Study Prins (2008): study NL 2007

12-18 aged, The Netherlands, 2007
N = 15116
Non Response
Questionnaire: Conputer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI)


Authors's Label
Living situation
Our Classification
in %:
a: 74.9;  b: 9.3;  c: 6.4;  d: 2.9;  e : 2.1; f: 1.9; g: 1.1; h: 0,8;  i: 0,4;  j: 0,3.
a: living with both parents
b: living with mother only
c: half with father, half with mother
d: living with mother and stepfather
e: living with father only
f: other
g: living independent
h: living with father and stepmother
i: living with foster parents
j: living in children's home

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-HL-m-sq-n-10-a DM = a: living with both parents           M= 7.8
b: living with mother only            M= 7.3
c: half with father, half with mother M= 7.5
d: living with mother and stepfather  M= 7.3
e: living with father only            M= 7.4
f: other                              M= 7.3
g: living independent                 M= 7.3
h: living with father and stepmother  M= 7.3
i: living with foster parents         M= 7.2
j: living in children's home          M= 6.4
O-HL-m-sq-n-10-a DM = Autochtones only
a:living with both parents           M=7.83
b:living with mother only            M=7.31
c:half with father, half with mother M=7.53
d:living with mother and stepfather  M=7.32
e:living with father only            M=7.41
f:other                              M=7.38
g:living independent                 M=7.38
h:living with father and stepmother  M=7.35
i:living in children's home          M=7.25
j:living in children's home          M=6.85
O-HL-m-sq-n-10-a DM = Allochtones (Turkish and Moroccan) only
a:living with both parents           M=7.52
b:living with mother only            M=7.60
c:half with father, half with mother M=7.53
d:living with mother and stepfather  M=8.12
e:living with father only            M=7.99    
f:living with both parents           M=6.50
g:living independent                 M=6.57
h:living with father and stepmother  M=4.99
i:living with foster parents         M=6.73
j:living in children's home          M=5.04
O-HL-m-sq-n-10-a DM = Autochtone boys only
a:living with both parents           M=7.96
b:living with mother only            M=7.56
c:half with father, half with mother M=7.91
d:living with mother and stepfather  M=7.43
e:living with father only            M=7.62    
f:other                              M=7.62
g:living independent                 M=7.31
h:living with father and stepmother  M=7.27 i:living with foster parents         M=7.08
j:living in children's home          M=7.21
O-HL-m-sq-n-10-a DM = Autochtone girls only
a:living with both parents          M=7.69
b:living with mother only           M=7.08
c:half with father,half with mother M=7.13
d:living with mother and stepfather M=7.25 e:living with father only           M=7.19
f:other                             M=7.62
g:living independent                M=7.31
h:living with father and stepmother M=7.51 i:living with foster parents        M=7.41
j:living in children's home         M=5.63
O-HL-m-sq-n-10-a DM = Allochtone boys only
a:living with both parents          M=7.64
b:living with mother only           M=7.52
c:half with father,half with mother  M=7.12         
d:living with mother and stepfather M=8.36
e:living with father only           M=8.00
f:other                             M=6.59
g:living independent                M=7.56
h:living with father and stepmother  -    i:living with foster parents        M=6.00
j:living in children's home         M=5.50.
O-HL-m-sq-n-10-a = Allochtone girls only
a:living with both parents           M=7.41
b:living with mother only            M=7.66
c:half with father, half with mother M=8.04
d:living with mother and stepfather  M=7.62
e:living with father only            M=7.99
f:other                              M=6.43
g:living independent                 M=5.87
h:living with father and stepmother  -    
i:living with foster parents         M=7.00
j:living in children's home          M=4.00