Correlational findings

Study Snekkevik et al. (2003): study SE 1993

Rehabilitation patients, followed 2 years after trauma, Sweden 1993-1999
N = 28
Non Response:
Questionnaire: paper


Authors's label
injury sequale
Our Classification
  • HAPPINESS: CAREER Perceived happiness career Retrospective level of happiness (period unspecified) In recent past
  • HAPPINESS: CAREER Actual happiness-career (assessed in follow-up) Actual level of earlier/later happiness Past happiness ( 1 to 10 years ago)
  • HEALTH: PHYSICAL Current disease (who icd-10 classification) Injuries (s00-t98) Sequale of injuries (t90-98)
  • HEALTH: TREATMENT MEDICAL Technique(s) of medical treatment Rehabilitation
  • LIFE EVENTS Life-event career Earlier life-events Specific earlier life-events
Happiness assessed at:
 T1: Within one week after admission (median 35 days, range 6-80 days after injury)
 T2:  Shortly before discharge ( median 161 days, range 73-290 days after injure)
 T3: at follow up (median 24 months, range 12-41 months after injure)

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLW-u-sq-v-6-c D% = - T1: 85%
 T2: 58%
 T3: 31%
O-SLW-u-sq-v-6-c BMCT = T1 < T2 < T3