Correlational findings

Study Wessman & Ricks (1966): study US 1957

Female college students, Radcliff USA, followed 6 weeks, 1957
N = 21
Non Response
Mood diary kept 30 days.


Authors's Label
Receptivity towards the world
Our Classification
Related specification variables
Repeated closed question on 'how inte- rested and responsive you felt to what was going on around you', rated on a 10-point scale:

10. Passionately absorbed in the
    world's excitement. My sensations
    and feelings incredibly intensi-
9. Tremendously stimulated. Enormously
8. Senses lively. Great interest and
    delight in everything around me.
7. Open and responsive to my world and
    its happenings.
6. Moderately interested and fairly
5. Slightly disinterested and unres-
4. Bored. Life pretty monotonous and
3. Dull and apathetic. Almost no inte-
    rest or desire for anything.
2. Mired down in apathy. My only desi-
    re is to shut out the world.
1. Life is too much trouble. Sick of
    everything, want only oblivion.

Scale scored each night for the highest, lowest and average experience of the day.
(Wessman & Ricks Receptivity towards and Stimulatiton by the World Scale)

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-ARE-md-sqr-v-10-b r = + p < .05 The means of the lowest, average and highest daily scores were correlated with the mean daily average score on the Elation-Depression Scale (AFF 3.1) of 6 weeks.

Daily highest   : r = +.66 (05)
Daily average   : r = +.78 (05)
Daily lowest    : r = +.63 (05)