Correlational findings

Study Oswald & Powdthavee (2007): study GB 1999

16-65 aged, United Kingdom, 1999 -2004
N = 28418
Non Response
Interview: face-to-face


Authors's Label
Death sibling
Our Classification
N= 1: 161, 0: 28000
Response to open question: Would you please tell me anything that has happened to you (or your family) which has stoood out as important?

Death of sibling
1: mentioned
0: not mentioned

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLW-u-sq-n-7-e b = +.01 ns B controlled for death other intimates in previous year O-SLW-u-sq-n-7-e b = -.05 ns
B additionally controled for:
- gender
- age
- household income (per household member)
- marital status
- occupation (employed, retired, homemaker, student)
- education
- household size
- children (number, age)
- homeownnership

Alternative measurement of control variable income does not make a difference
- household income and mean income

Stronger when income is measured using:
- log personal income
- observation of payslip and house prices

Coefficient is positive when income is measured using:
- household income one year ago
O-SLW-u-sq-n-7-e b = -.05 ns - Controlled by death of peer before 1999, real household income per capita and mean income over time.