Correlational findings

Study Demerouti et al. (2005): study NL 2002

Dual-earning parents of young children, the Netherlands, 2000
N = 382
Non Response
59 %
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
For each spouse separately


Authors's Label
Work to Family Interference (WFI)
Our Classification
Self rated: Men: M=1,98 SD=.67, Women:M=1,76 SD=.61
Spouse rated: Men: M=2,06 SD=.73, Women:M=1,76 SD=.70
Related specification variables
Employee was asked to indicate the extent to his/her work is
negatively influencing the home situation on 3 items:
- How often does it happen that your work schedule makes it
difficult for for you to fulfill your domestic obligations?

Partners were asked to indicate the extent to which their
partners work negatively influences family life on 3 items:
- How often does it happen that the work schedule of your partner makes it difficul for him/her to fulfill domestic obligations.
Rated: 1(never) to 5 (always)

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLu-g-sq-n-10-a r = -.23 p < .01 Self rated
- Men
O-SLu-g-sq-n-10-a r = -.24 p < .01 - Women O-SLu-g-sq-n-10-a r = -.28 p < .01 Spouse rated
- Men
O-SLu-g-sq-n-10-a r = +.12 ns - Women O-SLu-g-sq-n-10-a rpc =