Correlational findings

Study Segrin et al. (2005): study US 2000

Breast cancer patients and partners, USA, 2000.
N =
Non Response
Interview: Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI)
The experimental group received a weekly call between T1. T2


Authors's Label
Counseling program
Our Classification
T1 baseline, T2 6 weeks, T3 10 weeks
Related specification variables
The women and their partners were randomly assigned to participate in one of two different 6 week counseling programs, after wich they once again completed the measures over the phone at T2.
The other half of the sample was assigned to an attentinal control condition in wich the women with breast cancer also received six weekly calls and their partners received two bimonthy calls.
However, their was no substantive counseling offered in these brief contacts.

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-BW-cw-mq-v-5-d DM = + Patient's happiness at
T1 M= 16,59
T2 M= 18.11
T3 M= 18.68
A-BW-cw-mq-v-5-d DM = - Partner's happiness
T1 M= 17.27
T2 M= 15.57
T3 M= 13.68

Difference between experimental group and control group not reported in this paper