Correlational findings

Study Hoopes & Lounsbury (1989): study US 1985

Working adults, USA, before and after vacation, 198?,
N = 129
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
Completed at T1 and T3. Prevacation survey 1 to 2 weeks before vacation (median time 7 days), within a week after they returned to their jobs subjects filled out the postvacation survey form (median time 3 days).


Authors's Label
Satisfaction with nature
Our Classification
Error Estimates
alpha =.84
Assessed for three periods: T1: 1 or 2 weeks before vacation T2: during vacation (retrospectively at T3) T3: the week after vacation
N=121 M=2,27 SD=.86
Self report on satisfaction with:
- outdoor places you can go in your spare time round here
- nearby places you can go in your spare time around here
- the condition of the natural environment around here - the air, land, and water in this area
Assessed on a 1-7 scale:1 delighted...7 terrible

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-DT-u-sq-v-7-a r = +.19 ns T1 Life satisfaction by T1 satisfaction with  with nature O-DT-u-sq-v-7-a r = +.28 p < .05 T3 Life satisfaction by T3 Satisfaction with nature O-DT-u-sq-v-7-a r = +.11 ns T1 Satisfaction with nature by T3 Life satisfaction O-DT-u-sq-v-7-a r = +.26 p < .05 T1 Life satisfaction by T3 Satisfaction with nature